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Four students walking together in Kokkola centre

Centria state of mind

Success in studies is derived from one’s own motivation, but it is also influenced by a good community and peer support. In Centria, sense of community and caring are important values and they also show in the daily life of the student. With us you are not a number, but a part of the Centria community.

Studying at Centria

In the hallways of campuses, students, teachers and other personnel meet casually and without unnecessary intricacies. Restaurants and cafes are common meeting places for everyone, where you can sit with the principal or teacher at the same table to chat by a cup of coffee.

Practically oriented teaching

We offer students a wide choice of educational opportunities, diverse teaching methods, and good connections to the professional world. Teaching is very practical and based on workshops and projects, enabling students to get a realistic grip on the taught themes. Company visits take place in each programme, which offers students a good insight into the actual working life’s needs and realities.

Studying has felt relaxed. It’s nice to be able to periodise at what pace you study at. I have enjoyed participating in planning and organisation of various projects the most.

Tomi Liuski, Community educator student

Communal spirit

Our students enjoy the close-knit community and warm atmosphere, where teachers and staff are easily approachable. Class sizes in Centria are small, which ensures that each student receives the attention he or she needs to learn. We are a university with a big heart which really shows in the way our students talk about us. Assistance is always one email or telephone call away and support is available at every stage of your studies.

What is different in Finland, comparing to our home countries, is the use of tutor nurses – you get really one-on-one support. It gives them a possibility to evaluate you as a student and they will provide you the support that you need. The teachers take care of you: not only of your studies but also of your wellbeing.

Milcah Kipkoech & Huyen Dao Nguyen, Nursing students

International community

We are a university of applied sciences (UAS) for the whole world. According to the indicators, we are actually the most international UAS in Finland. One in five, of our 4400 degree students, comes from outside Finland. No wonder, as our campus doors are wide open in two directions: for those flying to the world and those arriving from various corners of the world.

Internationality is one of the best things about Centria – here I have gotten to know students from many different countries, which is valuable.

Tuomas Leppisaari, Nursing student

Forms of study

Studies at Centria are conducted as full-time studies and as multimodal part-time studies. Whether a programme is conducted as full-time studies or as part-time multimodal studies will be explained in the description of the programme.