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Individual open UAS courses

Most of the Centria Open UAS studies are completed in degree student groups. From a wide selection of courses, you can choose the ones that best promote your own goals.

You can read more about the studies offered in degree programmes in the Centria study guide. You can search for studies in the curricula or through the implementation plan search.

As a rule, an Open UAS student can participate in almost all teaching. Before registering for the course, however, the study advisor ensures from the course teacher that the course has available places. Some courses may also have requirements for pre-requisite studies. The required prior studies can be found in the description of each course. Open UAS student’s certificates or similar are not checked. Whether you have the required competence is left to your own discretion. If you participate in Master’s degree courses, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in that field.

Please, note: As a rule, the degree study groups within Health Care and Social Services cannot accept Open UAS students for individual courses. However, path students are admitted to both nursing and social services education every year.

Please, first read about Centria studies in the study guide. When you have found interesting courses, you may contact Our study advisor will guide you in registering for studies.

Pricing for studies is 10,00 – 15,00 € / ECTS credit.