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Accessibility on campuses

Talonpojankatu Campus

The main entrance (B door) of the Talonpojankatu campus is accessible and there are parking spaces close to the entrance. The main door opens with a button during campus opening hours.

Info, restaurant services, lecture hall and some of the classrooms are located on the first floor. The second floor library, meeting rooms and classrooms can be reached by elevator, as well as the laboratory facilities and classrooms of the 0 floor. When using the lift, you must press the floor button throughout the journey.

In Amphi (red stairs of the lobby) there is a movable ramp that allows you to move to an elevated platform.

The campus has induction loops in the study office and in the library.

Some of the doors in classrooms and meeting rooms are heavy sliding doors. Conference cubicles and telephone booths are not accessible.

There are no thresholds in the restaurant. For example, you can move well in the restaurant by wheelchair to a table. Restaurant staff will assist in taking food and returning dishes if necessary.

Vierimamantie campus

Vierimaantie Campus has been made accessible with an elevator and a ramp. The campus info is located near the main entrance.

Campus Allegro

The premises of Centria University of Applied Sciences are located on the fourth floor of Campus Allegro and they are accessible by elevator.

The Runeberginkatu entrance is accessible. There are parking spaces near the entrance to facilitate people with reduced mobility. The doors open with a push-button when the campus is open. Campus Allegro’s exterior doors are heavy glass doors.

Centria’s premises on the fourth floor have an accessible and gender-neutral toilet.

The auditorium Rotunda can be found on the first floor and there is an accessible toilet nearby. The entryway to Rotunda has a low threshold.

Centria’s facilities have glass walls in both office spaces and lecture halls. If necessary, they can be covered with window blinds. The entryways have low thresholds.

There are no hearing loops on campus.

More information about our campuses

Do you want to get a closer look at our campus before you arrive? You can find maps of all our campuses in their contact information.

Accessibility in Studies

Accessible learning refers to the realisation of the physical, mental and social environment of a university in such a way that each student, regardless of their circumstances, has the opportunity to learn on an equal basis with others. Anyone can be in a situation where special arrangements, guidance or flexibility are needed to support their studies.

The accessibility of the learning environment and the accessibility of teaching are particularly important for students who face learning challenges (e.g. difficulties in reading, mathematics, perception, concentration), some kind of illness or disability or a lack of language skills that make learning difficult.

Centria University of Applied Sciences actively develops services related to the accessibility of studies and teaching. Centria is part of the ‘Accessible university studies’ network. The entire staff handles issues related to the accessibility of studies. Further information on accessible studies is provided by the campuses’ study advisors and Hanna-Rina Aho (

Centria students can participate in the Accessibility study module in the Itslearning learning environment.

Accessible books (Celia), library

Library for accessible literature and publishing Celia, produces textbooks and other literature in an accessible form. Free service can be used by anyone who has difficulty reading an ordinary book due to dyslexia, disability, illness or another similar reason.

A student of Centria University of Applied Sciences can be registered as Celia’s client either at the Kokkola or Ylivieska Centria Library.

Contact persons

In Kokkola:

Taru Fröjdholm



In Ylivieska:

Hannele Myntti



Accessibility of communications

Centria University of Applied Sciences is a multicultural, international community. The study and working languages are Finnish and English. All communication aims to share information and stories in a clear and understandable language in Finnish and English.

Male and female students talking in a classroom

Feedback on accessibility

Did you notice a lack of accessibility on our website? Please let us know so we can fix it. Behind the link below, you will find a form to send your feedback.

If you have feedback on the physical accessibility of our campusses, you can contact us via email at