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Centria University of Applied Sciences offers various Bilateral and Non-Bilateral Double Degree programmes in several countries.

Centria UAS has collaboration agreements with foreign institutions in Business Management, Information Technology and Chemical Engineering programmes. Students in these fields can apply for a double degree, depending on the partnership and the reciprocity of the agreement.

Bilateral Double Degrees

Bilateral double degree programmes allow Centria UAS to both send and receive students to/from the partners. In other words, these are two-sided exchange programmes.

Non-Bilateral Double Degrees

Non-bilateral double degree programmes allow Centria UAS only to receive students from the partners. In other words, these are one-sided exchange programmes, without the possibility of sending Centria students to the partners.

Application Process

More information can be found from the link below.

Students enrolled in their 2nd or 3rd year of studies are eligible for this programme and can apply for this year at Centria University of Applied Sciences. The study period in Finland would take place either in their 3rd or 4th year of studies. Students are required to have successfully passed their previous studies with at least average score (3/5) at there home university by the time their double-degree studies in Finland begin. Students should have sufficient fluency in English equivalent IELTS 5.5 to enable them to follow courses at Centria.

The application will take place online at

Centria’s Admission Office will check the eligibility of the applicants and send interview requests to the qualified students. Students who have successfully passed interviews will receive an acceptance letter from Centria’s Admission Office. Students will know whether they are accepted or rejected by the end of June at the latest.

From Pauline – An exchange student at Centria

  • I’m in international class so we have a lot of different nationalities in my class. We can travel everywhere for a weekend or two days, it’s easy to travel.

Contact Person

Service Coordinator (International Relations)

Heidi Rintala

China, Vietnam:


Gellért Szarvas