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Open UAS online studies at Centria

Centria offers everyone the opportunity for flexible open online studies at Centria UAS.

Studying online

Although online learning is not entirely independent of time and place, it is more flexible than contact teaching. The classroom in the Itslearning study environment is open 24 hours a day. You can participate in an online course from any corner of the world. We have done our best to make the online studies as meaningful as possible. The start date and duration of the studies have been specified, but you can complete many course units quicker if your wish. Each course has its own Itslearning study environment created specifically for the course. All courses consist of similar elements and tools.

Open online studies are offered on study rounds that start three times a year: spring, summer and autumn. The selection comprises of more than 70 courses from different fields of education, totalling about 270 study points. The scope of the courses varies from 2 to 6 study points. The courses start according to the timetable of the study round, if there are enough students participating the course. 

January 2024

Enrollment 20.11.2023 – 31.12.2023
Starting day 24.1.2024

Course duration / ending days:
1-2 cr    13.3.2024
3-4 cr    3.4.2024
5-6 cr    10.4.2024

May 2024

Enrollment 11.3.2024 – 5.4.2024
Starting day 2.5.2024

Course duration / ending days:
1-2 cr    19.6.2024
3-4 cr    14.8.2024
5-6 cr    21.8.2024

September 2024

Enrollment 12.8.2024 – 6.9.2024
Starting day 25.9.2024

Course duration / ending days:
1-2 cr    13.11.2024
3-4 cr    4.12.2024
5-6 cr    11.12.2024

January 2025

Enrollment 18.11.2024 – 3.1.2025
Starting day 22.1.2025
Course duration / ending days:
1-2 cr    12.3.2025
3-4 cr    2.4.2025
5-6 cr    9.4.2025

April 2025

Enrollment 10.3.2025 – 4.4.2025
Starting day 30.4.2025
Course duration / ending days:
1-2 cr    18.6.2025
3-4 cr    13.8.2025
5-6 cr    20.8.2025

The selection of courses vary and the offering is published on Centria’s webpages three times a year. The new study round will be published approximately one week before registration opens.

If you are an Open UAS student (not a degree student at any university of applied sciences) or an upper secondary education level student, you register through a registration form on Centria’s website, filling in the necessary information for each course you wish to participate.

If you are a student from another Finnish university of applied sciences, you register through CampusOnline, filling in the necessary information in the registration form for each course you wish to participate. If your school uses Cross-Institutional Study Service, you can to enroll via your own school Peppi.

Please, note: Enter your active email address of your university of applied sciences in the form.

Study fees

Open UAS students pay the study fee themselves. Please note: if you wish to receive an invoice at a separate address, fill in the invoicing information on the registration form.

If you are a student from another university of applied sciences, you can participate in the Centria online studies free of charge on the basis of a co-operation agreement.

If you are completing a degree at a Finnish upper secondary level school, Centria UAS studies are free of charge. In the registration form, enter the organization / educational institution where you are studying (e.g. väylä / school name) and also name of the contact person (the teacher or student counsellor) with whom you have agreed to complete the course. (Read more about studies for upper secondary level here.)

If you are a Centria UAS student, Centria online studies are free of charge. You register through the Peppi system.

At the moment, the study fee is 10€ / ECTS credit. The studies are invoiced after the three-week cancellation period, calculated from the start of the studies. Dropping out or not completing studies does not entitle you to a refund or cancellation of the invoice.

The studies begin on the date indicated in the Study rounds section. On the start date of the studies, the teacher of the course sends a first letter to the participants at the email address you have given. The ID needed for the Itslearning study environment is sent to your email address no later than the start date of the studies.

Cancellation of participation in a course

You can cancel your participation free of charge during the enrollment time. Please, submit your cancellation notification to the study advisor in time at In the message, state both your name and the name of the course you wish to cancel. You will receive an email receipt after the cancellation has been processed.

The studies progress under the guidance of a tutor teacher in the Itslearning study environment. You familiarize yourself with the learning material and complete various tasks. The studies are completed using various online assignments and/or, in some courses, an online exam.

Transcript of records and grade transfer

One month after the completion of the studies at the latest, the grade for the course is available in the Peppi system (students of Centria UAS). If you are an Open UAS student, you can ask for the grade from the study advisor (email: and request a separate certificate for the studies.

Some schools are still using My StudyInfo service to transfer the study attainments to student’s own UAS.

If you have enrolled via your school Peppi, you will automatically receive the grade directly to your Peppi once its’s been given.

If you are unsure of your school procedures, please check:

If necessary, you can request a certificate of studies by email:

The Itslearning is an online study environment we started using at Centria in summer 2021. Itslearning is used in both contact and online teaching. The system automatically creates workspaces and brings Centria’s own students to Itslearning based on the Peppi system data.

Instructions for activating the Itslearning ID will be sent to external students by email at the beginning of the studies. You can use the ID to log in to the learning environment for the duration of your studies. Please, note that the ID will automatically expire within 14 days of the end date of the course.

Itslearning is a browser-based system that requires a computer and/or mobile device, an Internet connection, and a browser. Supported browsers are the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

When can I get information on the start of a course?

You will get a notification of any cancellation of a course immediately after the end of the registration period.

About one week before the start of the course, you get an email about the starting course.

 I didn’t get the ID. What do I do?

You will receive the ID at the email address you gave when you registered no later than the start date of your studies. Please, contact to verify that your email address is correct.

If you have not received an ID, it is also a good idea to check the Junk Mail folder of your email account. Automatic messages are sometimes directed there. If you cannot find your ID there, please contact

You can also use the link “unohditko salasanasi?” in Itslearning login window and the login info will be sent to your email again. Remember to use the email you have used when enrolling to the course.

How can I give feedback on a course?

You can give feedback for each course in the Itslearning study environment at the end of the course.

The course has started, but the tutor teacher has not contacted me?

First, log in to the Itslearning learning environment and try to contact the tutor from there.

You can also contact to make sure your email address is correct.

I’ve completed my studies, but the grade doesn’t appear in my school’s system. How do I get my grade to my own school?

If you have registered through CampusOnline, check out your school’s practices regarding grade transfer from here.

If you are an Open UAS student or a secondary level student, submit a certificate request to In your message, please, mention the date of completion and the name of the course.

I want to cancel my studies, what do I do?

You can cancel your studies by submitting a written notification to

Please, note that you have a cancellation right while the enrollment time is active.

Once the studies start, open UAS students must pay the entire study fee.

I got an invoice for a course I cancelled?

Please, contact to check whether the invoice is justified.

You have probably cancelled your participation in the course after enrollment period or the cancellation has gone to the wrong email address (e.g. the teacher of the course), in which case invoicing is justified.

If you have cancelled your participation within the three-week cancellation period, the invoice is not justified.

I’m not sure this course is right for me?

Before registering for a course, please, make sure that it is suitable for your studies.

If you need more detailed information on the course description, please, contact well in advance. The tutor will look into the matter for you.

Can’t log in to my studies any longer?

If the course is still in progress, you should be able to log in without problems > contact If the course has ended, the ID may be locked, and you will no longer have access to the learning environment. The ID automatically expires within a short period of time after the completion of the course.


You will find opportunities for continuous learning in the form of individual courses and larger modules.