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How to apply for Bachelor’s

You can apply to our Bachelor’s degree programmes with a qualification completed outside Finland, with qualification completed in Finland as well as with SAT scores.

The past application period for degree programmes conducted in English was arranged between 5 January and 19 January 2022. For applicants who have been accepted in this application round, the studies are set to begin in August 2022. The dates for the next application round for our Bachelor’s degree programmes conducted in English have not yet been confirmed. Once the dates have been confirmed they will be updated to our website.

Applying with previous education and SAT scores

Applying with education completed outside Finland

Did your previous studies take place outside Finland? Find detailed information on how you can apply to Centria.

Applying with education completed in Finland

Have you completed your education in Finland? Check how you can apply to our Bachelor’s degree programmes.

Applying with SAT scores

Applicants of the SAT application can be admitted if they meet eligibility requirements, submit a valid application, attach required documents and successfully deliver the SAT scores by the deadline to Centria UAS.


If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact Centria’s Admissions office. If you are contacting the Admissions office and you already have an application number, please state it in your email to ease the recognition process.

Moroccan students

For detailed information about the processes, please contact Centria’s MENA-area Affairs Specialist Youssef Hammouche via email at or via phone at +358 40 626 1586 (email, WhatsApp, WeChat).

Students of Southeast Asia

For detailed information about the processes, please contact Centria’s South-East Asia Affairs Specialist Huong Thai via email at or via phone at +358 50 463 6871 (email, WhatsApp).

Chinese students

For detailed information about the processes, please contact Centria’s China Affairs Specialist Li Xu via email at or via phone at +358 40 182 7485 (email, WhatsApp) or via WeChat at xulifinland.