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Education Export

Centria is one of Finland’s leading education exporters. Our education export activities consist of recruiting international degree students for our Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in Finland and abroad, recruiting students for joint and double degree programmes and offering on-demand education and training.

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What is education export?

Education export in Centria is a combination of activities related to sales, consulting, extensive development services and related learning environment solutions. Our education export activities also include on-demand training in Finland when the order is a foreigner. Our education export customers are mainly from abroad, but the activities can also take place in Finland.

Education export in Centria

Education export in Centria consists of recruiting international degree students for our Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in Finland and abroad. Around 900 international degree students study in our English-conducted degree programmes, of which most of them are obliged to pay a tuition fee for their education. Centria also offers on-demand education and training, where the actual buyer for the education is someone else than the student.

Centria also undertakes joint and double degrees, exemplified by the Joint Programme under the Chinese Ministry of Education and Double Degrees in Vietnam and Morocco.

Centria follows national best practises to ensure the ethical conduct in education export. Read more about the code of conduct here. (Content is in Finnish.)


Education export aims to recruit qualified students to Finland and our international degree programmes. We also support the objectives of educational immigration, and in particular, we provide competence and international talents for the businesses of our operational area (Central Ostrobothnia, Ostrobothnia and Northern Ostrobothnia). Education export generates revenue for our education operations and is part of our business.
We partner in various research and development projects, and we also communicate our expertise and international networks for business use, for example, to support exports.

Partnerships in education export

We have an extensive network of collaborations around the world, but in particular, we are geared towards the Southeast Asian, Chinese, Indian and North African markets. Our partners include higher education institutions, businesses and public organisations both in Finland and abroad.

Our cooperation partners:

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The education export team of Centria UAS

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Director, International Affairs

Francesca Cucinotta

South East Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia), China, Japan

South Asia (India, Sri Lanka)

Jaakko Vanha-Viitakoski

Europe, MENA region

Gellért Szarvas