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Electricity plug in a grass field with flowers

Low carbon energy

Our research group focusing on low-carbon energy develops processes for utilising renewable energy.

Activities of the research group

At present, RDI activities related to renewable energy are spearheaded by the utilisation of agricultural side streams in decentralised, clean energy production and the cost-efficient and transport-efficient processing of produced biomethane for transport fuel use, as well as the piloting of seasonal storage opportunities for solar energy. Another key task of the research group is to identify, develop and pilot the possibilities and applications for utilising industrial waste energy flows.

The projects implemented by our group emphasise knowledge of communal forms of energy and the promotion of regional energy self-sufficiency. Our aim is to promote measures in accordance with the energy and climate strategies together with partners and stakeholders, and to implement them at regional, municipal and corporate levels through concrete pilots.

Our work also includes assessing the environmental impacts and costs of alternative energy sources during their life cycle and applications, as well as carbon footprint and carbon handprint assessments.

Core competences


Heidi Kanala-Salminen