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Illustration of data as numbers and graphs

AI and data analytics

The Centria AI and data analytics group was established in spring 2020, and as its name suggests, the focus is on the utilisation of AI and data analytics in RDI work.

Aims of the research group

The group’s experts work in Centria’s digitalisation and production technology teams and use the above-mentioned technologies or want to learn to use them. The group aims to:

In addition, one of the group’s objectives is to increase knowledge of the group and its competence outside Centria.

Artificial intelligence is a very broad concept, including machine learning, which can be utilised, for example, in improving industrial processes, ensuring product quality, and as part of intelligent systems and machines. Artificial intelligence has been utilised in Centria, for example, in the visual denomination of wood and in increasing the safety of robots. In the future, artificial intelligence will increasingly be utilised as part of the analysis and optimisation of business and industrial processes.


Tomi Pitkäaho