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Two RDI developers flying a drone


In the digital field, we are an agile, active actor. We can help you participate in the transition so that you can learn about new technologies and take advantage of solutions that match your needs.

About our work

E-services are increasing in all sectors. Digitalisation will bring improvements to services, but it will also challenge the actors in the areas of application. Digitalisation is changing the operating methods of many fields, but learning new technologies requires expertise and time.

We offer you a customer-oriented technology partnership and our digitalisation competence at different stages of the product development process. We will help you transform your technologies into useful applications. Our team will be with you throughout the process: We take you by the hand and meet your individual needs.

Our services provide your small or large company with an extra pair of hands in your product development activities.

In our research activities, we engage in close domestic and international co-operation with companies in multidisciplinary projects and strengthen their competitiveness with our expertise. We also offer students the opportunity to gain practical work experience and learn about new technologies. Our laboratories serve as learning and working environments. We aim to provide support and guidance for the work. We also have a good group of people, it’s a nice work community. The digitalisation team offers students a way to become professionals in the field!

Research groups

Our development environments

Centria SecuLab

Our goal is to add value to businesses and communities by providing continuous and reliable security and data protection services.

A man holding a phone and a laptop in his hands

Centria Drone Lab

We utilise a wide range of ready-made commercial solutions, in addition to which autonomous equipment can be designed and manufactured for different uses.

Two RDI experts flying a drone indoors

Centria Game Lab

We offer people interested in the games industry an opportunity to start deepening their competence.

Man wearing a VR headset

We are active in networks

Allied ICT Finland transforms research results into commercially potential solutions. The network seeks research organisations and companies as partners both in Finland and abroad.

The Rural Industry DIH ensures that sparsely populated areas also have the opportunity to fully exploit their growth potential in the digital transition. The digitalisation of business operations is at the core of the activities.

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