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Path studies at open uas

Path studies refer to extensive competence modules consisting of courses included in a UAS degree. By completing path studies, you can be eligible to apply to a university of applied sciences. As a path student, you study with the degree students. The studies are carried out according to the timetable of each group. Studies may take place in the daytime, in the evenings and on weekends. Some of the studies may also be online studies in the Averko e-Learning Centre.

A personal study plan (PSP) is drawn up for each path student. Your background, any previous studies, wishes and objectives are considered when planning the PSP. As a rule, the studies are first-year courses. NB! Recognition of prior learning (RPL) doesn’t concern students in Open University studies (study paths, individual courses). If a student has completed studies that could qualify for credit transfer, he can choose some other courses instead during the Open UAS studies. The RPL process concerns only students who have a study right in a degree program.

If you complete at least 45 credits in accordance with the objectives of the degree programme, you will be eligible to apply to a university of applied sciences. In this case, you can apply to the degree programme through a separate application process. The application process takes place in the service. If you have completed path studies, you can apply for degree studies between 1 April and 31 May, and 1 October and 30 November. Admissions to degree studies can be made on the basis of an interview or aptitude assessment, for example. The Head of the Degree Programme decides on the practical matters of each study field.

Path studies are offered in almost all Centria degree programmes. As a rule, the studies begin at the turn of August-September. However, you can enquire about vacancies all year round (Please, note: Health Care and Social Services studies cannot be started in the middle of the academic year). The study schedule is specified in your personal study plan.

In Master’s degree studies, the scope of path studies is 10 out of 60 credits and 15 out of 90 credits. The studies follow the first year’s study plan of the degree programme.

Centria UAS guarantees path students the same services provided by student counsellors and study advisors as degree students. The tutor teacher of the group and the student counsellor are responsible for guiding the student.

You can apply to studies during the summer. You can apply to groups starting in January at the end of the year. The available studies will be published in Centria’s webpages in May. You can also ask for available places for many programmes during the academic year. However, new students will not be admitted to the Health Care and Social Services sector after the application period has expired. You can ask about available study places from the Open UAS or student counsellors (see Further information).

Students are selected for path studies in the order of registration. If you applied, you will be notified of the student admission results by email after the end of the application period.

At the beginning of the studies, a personal study plan will be drafted for you. After this, you can register for courses through the Peppi system. If necessary, the student counsellor will assist in matters related to course registrations.

Terms of cancellation are mentioned in the same email as the student admission results. If you join in the middle of the academic year, you are considered to have started your studies from the date on which your data has been registered in the Peppi system. If you wish to cancel your studies, the cancellation must be made within one (1) week after registration of the data. If you no longer wish to participate in the studies during the following semester, you must notify of the cancellation before the semester begins. You must submit any cancellation in writing at opintotoimisto(a)

Path studies are priced as followed:

  • Bachelor level studies, 45 ECTS credits, 200,00 €
  • Master level studies (Business Management, Health Care and Social Services) 15 ECTS credits, 150,00 €
  • Master level studies (Technology) 10 ECTS credits, 100,00 €

Path studies are invoiced in one installment after the studies have started.

The study fees of the Open UAS are based on registration. Dropping out or not completing studies does not justify cancelling payments or reimbursing invoices. Study fees that have already been charged will not be refunded even if you decide to cancel your studies.

Studies at the Open UAS are not degree studies, so they do not entitle you to student financial aid or other social benefits (e.g. meal subsidy, student discounts for transport services from VR and Matkahuolto, etc.). If you are unemployed, you must contact your own TE-Office before accepting the study place.

Centria UAS has agreed with the student restaurants at its campuses that path students will receive a small discount for meals. To get the discount, inform the cashier that you are a path student.

The recommended study entitlement period for path studies in Bachelor’s studies (45 credits) is one (1) year. After this, the study entitlement period may be extended for a weighty reason at your own request. You send the request by email to the Student Services studentservices(at) For extended right to study you need to have at least 25 credits recorded in the study register. The study entitlement period can be extended six months at a time. The maximum study entitlement period for path studies is two years. Teacher tutor follows the progress of your studies.

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Bachelor’s degrees

Centria offers nine bachelor’s degree programmes conducted in English in business, technology and health care. Close to 600 students graduate from Centria University of Applied Sciences annually. Each year around 90 of the graduates are international students.

At Centria, students get a wide choice of educational opportunities, practically oriented teaching methods, and good connections to the professional world.

Teaching is very practical and based on workshops and projects, enabling students to get a realistic grip on the taught themes. Company visits take place in each programme, which offers students a good insight into the actual working life’s needs and realities. Our extensive international network provides students and staff with excellent opportunities to gain international experiences, by taking part in a study period abroad for instance.