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Biomass valuables

Renewable biomass offers almost unlimited opportunities for the development of new products and replacement products for those currently on the market.

Activities of the research group

Valuable compounds contained in biomasses can be recovered from, for example, various industrial side streams, as well as cultivated and wild plants. Biomasses contain chemical compounds that can be used extensively in the manufacture of foodstuff, food supplements, cosmetics and medicines. They can also be used to replace raw materials from fossil sources, for example in the production processes of paints, adhesives and plastics.

Centria’s diverse research environment promotes the development of the utilisation of local high-value chemicals in biomass. Centria has extensive analytical equipment for the identification and concentration determination of high-value chemicals in biomasses. The isolation of high-value chemicals from biomasses can initially be developed on a laboratory scale by testing various extraction methods. The research environment intended for the productisation of biomass can also scale the extraction methods tested in the laboratory to a test plant or even industrial scale.

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