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Open UAS

The basic principle of the Open University of Applied Sciences (UAS) is that anyone can participate in the studies regardless of age and previous education. If you want to increase your competence in the working life or you are planning to apply for UAS Bachelor’s or Master’s degree studies, this may be your path. You may find a suitable way to update your knowledge or find a new interest.

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You will find opportunities for continuous learning in the form of individual courses and larger modules.

Welcome to the Open University of Applied Sciences

If your goal is to strengthen your vocational skills, find a new profession or complete degree studies later in life at a university of applied sciences, Open UAS is a good way to develop your competence. At the Open UAS, you can also study topics that interest you without any degree or professional goals. The Open UAS offers everyone the opportunity for university of applied sciences studies regardless of their educational background and age.

Every year, approximately 1,500 people study at the Centria Open UAS. The teaching follows the valid university of applied sciences curricula and degree requirements. You can’t complete a Bachelor’s degree at the Open UAS, but the studies you have completed can be recognised if you apply to the degree programme later. The topics that best serve your educational objectives can be selected flexibly from the studies.

The studies consist of contact teaching and independent work. In addition, you can select online studies from Centria. The online studies are also Centria curriculum studies, and they can be recognised in later studies. At the Open UAS, you can study both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studies. Please note: when you participate in the Master’s courses, you must have a completed UAS degree in the field. The teaching takes place according to the timetable of the degree student groups. Studies may take place in the daytime, in the evenings and on weekends. Centria open online studies, however, can be completed at any time of the day.

Centria UAS organises Open UAS studies in all of its fields of education:

  • Technology
  • Business Management
  • Health Care and Social Services
  • Humanities
  • Culture

From open UAS to degree studies

Open UAS online studies

We offer everyone the opportunity for flexible open online studies at Centria UAS. You can participate in an online course from any corner of the world.

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Path studies at open UAS

By completing path studies, you can be eligible to apply to a university of applied sciences.

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Studies for upper secondary level students

Open UAS studies at Centria can be taken already during general upper secondary or vocational studies.

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Contact information

Contact us about open UAS studies by email at