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Expert services

Centria’s range of expert services includes support in development of services for businesses and communities among other things. Our experts will support you in line with your specific needs.

Versatile expertise

We can also help you to organise your company’s participation in trade fairs on a turnkey basis. Our development project preparation service assists growth and development-orientated SMEs and micro-enterprises prepare research and development funding applications. The Lean service seeks solutions to the efficiency challenges of companies’ production processes.


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Our expert services

Development project preparation service

Making it easy to start a development project and apply for funding

We help growth and development-orientated SMEs and micro-enterprises to apply for operational development funding from national and international funding channels. Our service makes the work of entrepreneurs, government representatives, CEOs, and development officers easier by providing expertise and resources for planning a development project and preparing a funding application.

Advice and work to get a development project off the ground with national or international funding

Our service allows your business to focus on its core activities. Our experts will work with you to identify the key areas for development and advise on what kind of funding is available to support your company’s development. We offer the input of our experienced experts to assist you in preparing your project plan and funding application. If necessary, we can also assist in financing negotiations with donors and potential partners. If needed, we can also provide assistance with project management.

We make your work easier, speed up the process of applying for funding for your development project, and increase the likelihood of securing funding.

Our experts have extensive experience in preparing and applying for funding for research and development projects. We manage 70-100 projects a year and prepare dozens of funding applications. We work in close cooperation with the ELY Centres, Business Finland, and various international funding bodies.


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Trade fair and event service

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Comprehensive trade fair services for all needs – big or small

Centria implements turnkey trade fair participations with over 20 years of experience and outstanding professionalism. We are also happy to design and implement an exhibition stand according to your wishes, from start to finish, through our comprehensive exhibition service package. It includes everything from design and delivery to catering and maintenance. Our clients include micro, large, and multi-tiered companies. We are expert partners for a wide range of events and industries.

We plan and implement your company’s participation in domestic or foreign trade fairs with your own or a joint stand

We can tailor a section to your needs or put together a suitable joint section for both domestic and international events. We are familiar with the right venues, operators, and practices. We take into account visibility issues and are at the service of companies throughout the entire exhibition project, including on-site at the event.

13.-14.3.2024 PlastExpo / Helsinki, Finland / Plastics Industry

19.-21.3.2024 Konepaja / Tampere, Finland / Metal Industry

22.-26.4.2024 Hannover Messe / Hanover, Germany / Industrial Fair

15.-16.5.2024 Navigate / Turku, Finland / Maritime Industry and Shipping

22.-23.5.2024 Pohjoinen Teollisuus / Oulu, Finland / Industrial Fair

5.-9.6.2024 ILA Berlin / Berlin, Germany / Aviation and Space Industry

21.-24.8.2024 Elmia Lastbil / Jönköping, Sweden / Haulage and Transport

1.-3.10.2024 Alihankinta / Tampere, Finland / Industrial Fair

8.-10.10.2024 Finnbuild / Helsinki, Finland / Construction and Building

16.-18.10.2024 VVS-Dagene / Lillestrom, Norway / HVAC Industry

12.-14.11.2024 Filtech / Cologne, Germany / Filter Technology

12.-14.11.2024 Elmia Subcontractor / Jönköping, Sweden / Industrial Fair

Centria Exhibition and Event Services implement exhibition solutions on turnkey basis.


Logos of customer companies and organisations.


Katariina Heikkilä

Johanna Ojala

Service planning

Making service design work for your organisation

Multidisciplinary expertise to develop services

Our experts can help you develop better services, whatever your industry. Service design can help you make more efficient use of your organisation’s resources, improve business and service quality, increase the expertise of your personnel, and enhance the customer experience you offer.

Our clients are companies and organisations in different sectors that need to improve their own processes or services. Service design methods can be used to develop both internal and external services and processes.

Added value for the customer through more efficient service processes

Our goal is to develop smooth and customer-oriented services together with the customer organisation. Working through the development process is all about delivering an interactive and holistic design for the customer and employee experience. Development work is done through participation, visualisation, and experimentation using service design methods.

The development objective can be, for example, to increase customer satisfaction, reach new customers, and improve the organisation’s performance. Clearly defining the focus of development and involving key people is essential for effective work. Centria’s experts provide an outside perspective, new tools, and methods for effective development work. Our experts are highly experienced in developing processes and services.

We specialise in service simulation and empathy experiments.



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Johanna Hautamäki

Information security and data protection services

As a neutral player, our goal is to add value to businesses and communities by providing continuous and reliable security and data protection services. Our powerful tools enable us to detect vulnerabilities before unwanted intruders from outside your internal network, hardware, or software do.

The dedicated training of our own team of experts and our advanced testing equipment have made us a sought-after partner for needs of all sizes, both regionally and globally. We have become a regular partner for prestigious international security forums. We always work ethically by solving today the as yet unidentified threats of tomorrow.

We are currently expanding our expertise in international projects.

Our services

We offer the following tailored and personalised solutions to meet our customers’ needs:

We want to increase security awareness among businesses and communities in our region. Our aim is to increase their competitiveness by increasing the adoption, visibility, and uptake of security practices.


CABB, OSTP, NordicLights, Pedersöre


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