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Talent Boost

Centria’s Talent Boost activities are about attracting and retaining international talent in higher education and promoting education-based immigration and integration.

Students working together in the pink working space on Talonpojankatu Campus

Talent Boost for employers

As an employer, are you looking for an international talent to join your company? Centria’s Talent Boost helps you find the right people for the right jobs. If you need help or consultation in recruiting international talent and students, please contact our Talent Boost Coordinator Jyrki Rajala.

Talent Boost for students and talents

Talent Boost offers international talent

What is Talent Boost all about?

Talent Boost activities have a special focus on attracting and retaining international talent in Centria UAS’s area of operation, as well as on bringing companies and top class international talent closer together.

Centria’s Talent Boost

The purpose of Centria Talent Boost is to provide the regions of Central Ostrobothnia, Ostrobothnia,and North Ostrobothnia with added value in international knowledge and RDI activities, which is created and developed in cooperation with other actors in the regions. The aim is to create a dedicated Talent Hub in the region, bringing together and coordinating the region’s Talent Boost activities, services, and actors.

Centria’s Talent Boost activities are carried out in cooperation with the Ostrobothnia ELY Office and both the Talent Coastline Ecosystem and Talent Coastline Employment projects. Talent Boost is a cross-administrative programme of measures of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Operational objectives at Centria

Talent Boost and Talent Hub – practical measures

  1. Creating and strengthening links and networks with working life
    • Developing and strengthening international students’ and professionals’ links with the world of work, both from the perspective of students and professionals and businesses.
  2. Strengthening Finnish (and Swedish) language skills in cooperation with other actors in the region
  3. Strengthening and supporting skills development in international business recruitment.
    • Developing and strengthening the application and permit processes for international recruitment in cooperation with other actors in the region.
  4. Developing and strengthening the working life skills of international students and professionals.
  5. Developing the job search skills of international students and skilled workers.

Area of our Talent Boost activities

Student stories

  • – Acha Golder Angwe, Environmental chemistry and technology student

    student posing smiling, painting of tankkari lighthouse in the background

    Because I am studying here in Centria with the guidance of a lot of great people, I was able to get that motivation and drive to put myself out there.

  • – Martin Hansen, Environmental chemistry and technology student

    Through the Export Expert project I got into the company Boliden. It was a very good experience and it actually ended up so, that I will go there again having an actual job there during the summer. If it wasn’t for the project, I wouldn’t have had that opportunity.

  • – Roman Likhachev, Developer, Ahola Digital

    We had company presentations at Centria and a representative of Ahola Digital was there. I got interested, sent my CV and portfolio, and got invited to an interview. After a while I got an offer.

Work-life workshops and coaching

Career and work-life services of Centria regularly organize coaching and workshops that are open to everyone to support students’ job search capabilities.


Jyrki Rajala

Francesca Cucinotta