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Smart Agro technology

Optimisation of crop cultivation activities and tracking solutions for the health and living conditions of cows and other farmed animals through digitalisation.

Crop cultivation

Digitalisation solutions can be used to optimise crop cultivation activities such as irrigation and fertilisation. The costs of excessive fertilisation can also be avoided. Optimisation requires information on the needs and current situation of each plant species and, for instance, IoT wireless measuring devices make it easy to measure and monitor conditions. Possible applications include greenhouse cultivation or field cultivation. The systems developed can also be developed further. A graphical view can be used to monitor progress and the achievement of optimal measurement values, and various alarms help the farmer make decisions.

Animal husbandry

The tracking solutions produced through digitalisation for the health and living conditions of cows and other farmed animals both enhance production and improve animal welfare. Tracking devices can be attached to animal neckbands. Animal movements can also be tracked with cameras and sensors. Activities that can be tracked are, for instance, the movement and feeding of animals, milking times or heat periods. Centria is also interested in issues related to reindeer husbandry such as the use of drones to locate reindeer.


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