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Description of document publicity

In accordance with the Act of Information Management in Public Administration (906/2019) Section 28, Centria University of Applied Sciences maintains a description of the documents and datasets it governs in order to uphold the principle of openness.

Document publicity makes it easier to make information requests

According to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999) everyone has the right of access to official documents in the public domain. The intent of a description of document publicity is to make it easier to make an information request. When someone makes an information request for a public record, they do not have to give the reasons for making the information request or enclose what the information is intended to use for. An information request should be as detailed and specified as possible so that finding the document becomes easier and Centria UAS can answer the information request more quicker. For example, the name, case number or date of a case, project, company or person can be used as search words.

If someone makes an information request for a document that contains sensitive or classified information, the person making the request must according to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities Section 13 inform Centria UAS about what the information is intended to use for as well as be able to prove their identity.

Information requests are sent to the Centria UAS registry either by e-mail at or by post:

Centria-ammattikorkeakoulu Oy
Talonpojankatu 2A
67100 Kokkola

If the information request concerns sensitive or classified information, we ask you to make a contact request at The request must include a phone number, through which the registry can contact the person wishing to make the information request. The contact request should not contain any sensitive or classified information.

All information requests are registered and then forwarded to the appropriate department or person for processing.

Access to a document in the public domain will be granted within two weeks from the date when Centria has received the information request. If the information, which is requested, is a large amount, or it contains sensitive or classified information, or it otherwise requires special measures or an irregular amount of work, the access will be granted within one month from when the information request was received by Centria.

Centria’s datasets are not available through an open technical interface.

Centria may charge a cost price for a printed document.

Requests concerning data protection

Centria’s Privacy Policy as well as registers and data protection reports can be found on Data protection – Centria.

Any concerns, data requests or requests for removing your personal information from our registers, please contact

Centria UAS’s information pools and their purposes

An information pool is an entity containing datasets used by Centria UAS which is processed through an information system or manually. The datasets are presented according to the classification of Centria UAS functions.


Centria’s administrative matters’ management, planning, organisation, implementation, development, decision-making and management, domestic cooperation and quality management

Personnel and occupational health and safety matters

Management of personnel matters, employment relations, matters related to salary, remuneration and compensation, competence development, occupational health and safety matters, work safety

Economic matters, tax matters and asset management

Finance management, planning and monitoring of Centria’s economy, tax matters, funding and finance, accounting and payments, travel expenses, asset management, procurements

Legislation and application of laws

Official statements regarding legislation and official guidelines and instructions, monitoring and handling legal matters where Centria is involved

International operations

Planning, managing, and monitoring international operations as well as participating in international cooperation and international mobility

Information management and communication

Handling and developing information management, data safety and data protection, records management and archive, communication, maintenance of and support for IT systems and hardware, information requests


Traffic services and monitoring

Safety and security

Safety and contingency planning

Facilities management

Management and planning of facility services, building, maintenance, use and services of facilities

Environmental matters

Handling environmental matters, environment protection, and environmental health services

Education, student services and information services

Education management, admission, arrangement of teaching, graduation, other support services for students, library and information services

Research and development operation

Management, planning, organizing and implementing of research and development operation, service operations subject to a charge, development of RDI personnel, research ethics