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Centria Game Lab

Are you interested in building computer games, marketing games and game-related business? We offer people interested in the game industry an opportunity to start deepening their competence.

Study module for new experts in the game industry

Pelipaja (game lab) is a game industry study module organised by Centria University of Applied Sciences. The scope of the studies is 60 study points. The content of the training has been designed based on years of experience to support the development of the participants’ new competence. The study module is conducted in Finnish.

The objective of the Pelipaja training is to ensure that the participants have the basic skills that enable them to find employment in the game industry. The training includes courses in game design, programming, content production and business. The studies include basic studies worth 15 study points. The basic studies focus on game design, gaming culture, graphics and version management. After completing the basic studies successfully, the student can transfer to the Game core courses which are about the actual making of games.

We expect applicants to show interest or professional experience in their area of expertise and tangible enthusiasm for the gaming industry. Professional game development requires multidisciplinary and in-depth competence, as well as the ability to work in a team and withstand pressure.

The training will be organised on the Centria Vierimaantie campus in Ylivieska. The studies are mainly implemented as online studies. We can arrange one or two contact days during the studies. These will be agreed upon separately with the participants at the beginning of the studies.

Centria’s Pelipaja is designed to meet the needs of the games industry and start-ups. We have supported game development and trained experts since 2008.

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Pelipaja is organised as Open UAS studies. As its name suggests, studies at the Open University of Applied Sciences are open to everyone regardless of age and educational background.

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