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Centria Research and Development acts as a partner for businesses and communities with the aim of increasing their competitiveness. Our aim is to leverage our multidisciplinary expertise to benefit our customers in terms of product development, entrepreneurship, business development, and internationalisation. 

Partner in research and development

Through our services, we provide up-to-date technology information and the latest technology applications to meet our customers’ needs. At Centria, our service activities include all development and training services provided to businesses and communities. We draw on the expertise of our extensive team of specialists and the facilities of our versatile laboratories. We promote our customers’ competitiveness through research and development services, expert services, and education and training services.

In addition to our versatile development and training services, we also provide seminars and consultations in all fields of education offered at Centria University of Applied Sciences: technology, business, health and social care, humanities and culture.

Our services

Development services

In our services, we utilize the expertise of our wide range of experts and the equipment of our versatile laboratories.

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Picture of the Chemplant test plant

Training services

We provide support for the development of the operations and competence of companies and organizations.

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