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Entrepreneurship education

Entrepreneurship education means knowledge, skills and attitude. The perspectives arising from entrepreneurship can be promoted by means of entrepreneurship education. However, entrepreneurship as a business is not the goal of entrepreneurship education, even though people sometimes think it is.

Activities of the research group

The activities of the entrepreneurship education research group can be understood by exploring its starting points. According to the definitions of the YES network, entrepreneurship education can, for example,

Through these objectives, you see that the targets of entrepreneurship education are everywhere in learning. The most important goal of entrepreneurship education is to help each person find their own thing. In the long term, entrepreneurship education develops the wellbeing of the entire society and individuals.

In addition to education providers, entrepreneurship education is developed by various actors such as entrepreneur and youth organisations, and various networks. Centria is active in regional, national and international entrepreneurship education networks.


Johanna Österberg-Högstedt

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