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Chemistry and bioeconomy

The chemistry and bioeconomy research groups actively support companies and partners in research, development and innovation activities. Our research groups have extensive expertise in analytics, processes and technologies.

Research areas

Our RDI activities focus on the following research areas:

We have a versatile research environment at our disposal. The laboratory infrastructure in Kokkola consists of up-to-date research and analysis laboratories, as well as a chemical test plant suitable for companies’ product development processes. We also have pilot equipment suitable for the manufacture of plastic products. The team has strong international networks. Several national and international research and development projects are under way with partners to support the region’s competence and development.

More about our work

The cross-cutting theme of the chemistry and bioeconomy research groups is promoting the circular economy:

  • Identification and analysis of applications for energy and material side streams
  • Knowledge of recycling methods
  • Creating value chains and industrial symbioses
  • Sustainability measurements and indicators
  • Life cycle assessment and sustainability assessment

  • Research and analytics (biomaterial laboratory, material testing and research)
  • Chemical test plant: Centria ChemPlant
  • Composite materials manufacturing and 3D printing: Centria Plast Lab

Students have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the projects of the chemistry and bioeconomy team and complete their thesis under skilled guidance. In practice, students in the field can familiarise themselves with laboratory activities of the focus area, and versatile research and development work that supports future working life.

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In addition, our experts participate in the implementation of analytics and testing services, as well as piloting aimed at companies and partners:


Our research groups

Our development environments

Chemplant – Chemical test plant

Chemplant is an experimental chemical plant that provides companies with a unique framework for demanding research and development.

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PlastLab – Material development and 3D printing

Centria has extensive expertise in plastic and composite materials, which extends from the selection and manufacturing of materials to the 3D printing of products.

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