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Forms of study

Studies at Centria are conducted as full-time studies and as multimodal part-time studies. Whether a programme is conducted as full-time studies or as part-time multimodal studies will be explained in the description of the programme.

Full-time studies

The teaching of a full-time degree programme takes place during the day and teaching is largely carried out as contact teaching on campuses. Teaching methods are diverse. Studies are conducted online, independently, in a group and as project studies. The studies also include a practical training period or periods where practical skills are learned. Almost all full-time programmes are taught at Talonpojankadu Campus in Kokkola.

Blended part-time studies

Studies conducted as blended part-time studies are suitable for many life situations. With blended studies, you can influence the schedule of your studies better than in a full-time programme and the study methods are multimodal. However, studying part-time in a blended mode requires the student to be self-motivated and to be able to schedule studying to be a part of the rest of their life.

Teaching is mainly organised in the form of online studies as well as intensive periods of contact teaching, which allows you to work alongside studies.

Studies include a variety of learning tasks, projects and group work. In part-time degree programmes, a personal study plan is drawn up for each student. The individual development needs, strengths and career wishes of the student are always taken into account while planning the studies. Previous studies and work experience can be accepted as part of the degree, which may reduce the planned study time.

A student who is employed in a field related to their studies may complete some of their studies as project studies.