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Centria HealthLab

Centria HealthLab is a center for health and wellness technology innovation, demonstration, development and education at Centria University of Applied Sciences. It connects and serves healthcare providers, technology companies, research and development and non-profit organizations operating in Central Ostrobothnia, Finland.

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About the development environment

Our concept is based on a network ecosystem in the field of health technology, open innovation, living lab, test bed and co-creation activities. We support user-oriented development and deployment of robotics, artificial intelligence, digital and automated technology products in health and care. Our innovation and development services and activities include practical collaboration with diverse end-users, such as people with disabilities, children, aging population, or different customer groups of health and social care. With our multidisciplinary experts you can utilize co-creation, user trials and testing to support health and wellness technology product development in different stages of the innovation process.

Centria HealthLab has advanced technology e.g. for the following areas:

HealthLab has been developed within RoboSote and HIPPA-Remote projects.

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