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Training Services

Skilled personnel are key to ensuring a company’s business development and competitive advantage. Complementing and developing competence is about broadening and deepening professional know-how, about continuous learning.

Continuing education

We offer ready-made continuing education courses, which can also be implemented on a customer-specific basis in all fields of education at Centria UAS: technology, business, social and health care, humanities and culture. The trainers are experts in different fields from our University of applied sciences or another expert network.

Joint procurement training

We organise Recruitment Training for companies to train new and skilled workforce. The implementation, content and duration of the training are planned based on the customer’s needs. The training courses are mainly funded by the ELY Centre. We help with applying for funding. We also organise Precision Training and Change Training for changing business situations and to train the personnel. We also provide Labour market training for various fields.

Custom training

We organize customer-specific custom training to order. Below you can find examples of training topics.

  • Quality Management Systems
  • Lean
  • ERP
  • Drone Training
  • Design Software Training (2D, 3D)
  • Office (e.g. Ms Office, Office 365)
  • Information Security and Data Protection
  • Software Training

  • Customer-oriented Development
  • Management and Leadership skills
  • Service Design
  • Financial Management
  • Occupational Wellbeing

  • Pharmacotherapy Training
  • Mental Health First Aid 1 & 2
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  • Patient Examination and Assessment of Treatment Needs
  • Solution-focused Work Guidance and Coaching
  • Simulation-assisted Continuing Education
  • Heart Patient Care
  • Trauma Training
  • Occupational Wellbeing

  • Language training
  • Presentation Skills
  • Presenting at Fairs
  • Negotiation and Interaction skills
  • Communication

  • Sales and marketing trainings
  • Social media
  • Customer service
Introductory video to Centria’s Training Services. The video has English subtitles.



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